Our brokers have access to a large insurance market and are able to offer you a broad suite of insurance products specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of Aged Care Providers at a competitive premium.

Products offered include, but are not limited to the following:

Industrial Special Risks

This policy typically protects the Insured against loss of assets and revenue arising from physical loss or damage to the property used in the business.

Business Insurance

This insurance package is typically designed for small business enterprises and provides coverage for both Assets and Liabilities within the framework of a single policy.

Medical Malpractice

Covers claims resultant from acts or omissions of medical practitioners through the provision of professional services.

Public & Products Liability

Legal liability to pay compensation (including legal expenses) to third parties in the event of injury, death or loss of or damage to property arising out of negligence through business operations or products.

Management Liability

Covers directors and officers for their personal legal liability arising out of their management of a corporation, and the corporation for certain types of claims. It is usually offered to proprietary companies whose directors and officers are also shareholders in order to protect their asset. Generally covers claims brought about by shareholders, employees, regulators, competitors and the company itself.

Employment Practices Liability

Provides protection for Employers against claims from existing, former or potential employees relating to discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment and other possible employment related issues.

Fidelity Guarantee

Covers loss sustained through fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by employees.

Group Personal Accident (Voluntary Workers)

Covers a nominated group of individuals for a specified benefit against a range of accidental disabilities. Benefits are payable to the organisation purchasing the cover rather than to the disabled person.

Machinery breakdown & Electronic Equipment

Covers sudden and unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown of plant and machinery. The policy can be extended to cover consequential loss from interruption to the business following such breakdown. Covers loss or damage due to explosion or collapse of boilers and other pressure vessels that normally require a certificate of compliance before being used. The policy also covers liability for resultant third party property damage or bodily injury.

Commercial Motor Vehicle

This cover is offered in several forms:

1. a.Comprehensive, ie own damage and third party property damage.

    b.Third Party Property Damage plus Fire and Theft.

    c.Third Party Property Damage only.

2. Compulsory Third Party "Act" cover. This is a compulsory insurance in all States of Australia and applies to Third Party Injury or Death sustained in an accident involving a registered motor vehicle.

Workers Compensation

All employees injured by accident or industrial disease arising out of, or in the course of their employment are legally entitled to compensation under the various Workers Compensation statutes. The Acts in each State and Territory require employers in Australia to maintain compulsory Workers Compensation insurance to cover their legal liability.

* Our particular experience in Business Interruption insurance will ensure that in the event of a loss you are adequately insured to ensure that you can get back to business as soon as possible.